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Auctus Minerals is an entrepreneurial resource development company, funded by one of the world's largest private equity firms - Denham Capital. Established in 2014, Auctus is Denham's second Australia-focused mining venture, with a mandate to invest in operational, or development-ready, Australian natural resource assets (outside of coal).

The company's management team of Paul Sims and Terry O'Connor have decades of experience and success in resource development and operations, and have worked closely together in the past. The Auctus team are highly regarded for their history of delivering value in the Australian resources industry, including numerous high profile company turnarounds and project developments during adverse economic conditions.

With its expert team and the strong backing of Denham, Auctus Minerals has the operational expertise and financial capacity to improve an asset's existing operations, or bring them into production. Thus, Auctus invests in opportunities where our team's extensive operating experience and financial capacity can be utilised to create profitable operations even in low commodity price environments.

Auctus seeks to invest in high value, low cost, development-ready assets able to achieve production within a short time frame. Ensuring efficiency in this mandate, Auctus Minerals take the controlling position so as to achieve the greatest return; utilising an international talent pool of geologists, open cut and underground mining professionals, processing specialists, health, safety and environmental experts, logisticians, finance, commercial, operators and maintenance professionals.

The Australian focus of Auctus Minerals comes with invaluable local knowledge and a genuine care for the community. Auctus Minerals have formed strong relationships with Indigenous organisations, businesses and multiple government departments and are very experienced at working with federal, state and territorial government, as well as regulatory bodies such as the Environment Protection Authority, Department of Environment and Conservation, and Department of Mines and Petroleum.

Board Structure

Board Structure

Auctus Minerals is led by the management team of Paul Sims and Terry O'Connor, who have a successful history of high-value company turnarounds in the resource industry. The management team oversees a network that includes significant resources and a vast talent pool of experienced industry professionals.

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Auctus invests in high grade, low cost, development-ready assets. Auctus have the operating experience and financial capability to achieve production within a short time frame, even during adverse economic conditions; taking the controlling role in opportunities where the experience of the Auctus team can be utilised to achieve the highest value turnaround.

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